This Ramadan, be the reason someone smiles

This Ramadan, you have the opportunity to make a real difference in someone's life. By giving your Zakat through Transparent Hands, you can help fund life-changing medical procedures for those in need.

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This Ramadan, support the underprivileged through Transparent Hands

Hadith: “The best charity is that given in Ramadan." - (Tirmidhi)

Don’t Guess, Use Our Zakat Calculator for Accurate Giving

  • Determine your net wealth: Calculate your total assets, including cash, investments, property, and other valuables, and subtract any liabilities or debts.

  • Calculate the nisab: The nisab is the minimum amount of wealth required to be eligible to give zakat. For 2024, the nisab for gold is 87.48 grams and for silver is 612.36 grams.

  • Determine the zakat rate: The zakat rate is 2.5% of your net wealth.

  • Calculate your zakat: Multiply your net wealth by the zakat rate (2.5%) to determine the amount of zakat you owe.

  • Give your zakat: Give your zakat to eligible recipients, such as the poor, orphans, and those in debt.

  • Repeat annually: Zakat is an annual obligation and should be calculated and given each year during the month of Ramadan.

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Special Campaigns

Empower Muslim Women by Supporting their Surgeries

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£ 28,496 Required
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£ 1 Raised
Zakat Eligible

Secure a Nation’s Future by Conducting Children&...

Campaign Objective: To provide 300 cochlear implant surgeries for children [Read More]

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£ 2,235,376.15 Required
£ 0.50 Raised

Contribute to restoring the eyesight of 800 patien...

Campaign Objective: To restore the eyesight of 800 vulnerable and [Read More]

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£ 54,564.94 Required
£ 51.71 Raised
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Ramadan Donation Plan

Ramadan Donation Plan is designed to organize your donations/zakat throughout the three Ashras of the Holy month of Ramadan 2024. This uniquely tailored plan allows you to either choose an Ashra or contribute throughout the month. The option of cancellation/withdrawal at any time is also available.