Empower Muslim Women by Supporting their Surgeries

Empower Muslim Women by Supporting their Surgeries

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Campaign Objective: Support essential surgeries for Muslim women in KPK and Sindh, Pakistan, including 60 c-sections, 10 hysterectomies, 10 myomectomies, and 10 breast cancer removal surgeries.

Transparent Hands is leading an initiative to empower Muslim women in KPK and Sindh, Pakistan, by supporting their critical surgeries. Women often find it challenging to access essential healthcare services in these areas. Our goal is to focus on procedures that can significantly improve their quality of life. This includes surgeries for expectant mothers, treatments for fibroids, and breast cancer removal. By ensuring women have access to these essential services, we aim to empower them to lead healthier lives.

Healthcare Challenges in KPK and Sindh

Women in KPK and Sindh face numerous barriers to accessing quality healthcare, from cultural and logistical challenges to scarcity of medical resources. These hurdles are particularly daunting for those in need of surgical interventions. Our initiative seeks to bridge this gap, ensuring that women in these areas receive the timely and effective surgical care they need and deserve. In addition, women often don’t get the chance to make decisions about their own treatments. 

Due to these challenges, Pakistan has a relatively high maternal mortality rate (MMR) of 186 deaths per 100,000 live births.

 Since many women are reluctant or unable to get consultations, diagnostic tests, and treatments at an early stage of health conditions like breast cancer, it’s often too late by the time they find access to healthcare services.  

Transparent Hands’ Solution

To ensure that Muslim women in KPK and Sindh have access to life-saving and life-changing surgeries, Transparent Hands is conducting their surgeries free of charge at some of the best private hospitals in Pakistan. By leveraging our network of hospitals and skilled surgeons, we’re not just performing surgeries; we’re aiming to uplift entire communities by improving women’s health. Our comprehensive approach includes pre-operative care and post-surgery follow-ups, ensuring care that respects the needs and dignity of every woman we help. We aim to empower a total of 90 deserving women with the following surgeries:  

  • C-Section: 60 (Average cost of one C-Section is £276) = £16,560
  • Hysterectomy: 10 (Average cost of one Hysterectomy is £315) = £3,150
  • Myomectomy: 10 (Average cost of one Myomectomy is £315) = £3,150
  • Breast cancer removal: 10 (Average cost of one breast cancer removal surgery is £600) = £6,000

We need to raise GBP 28,000 for all of these surgeries.  


Play your part in the empowerment for Muslim women across Pakistan. You’re helping mothers, daughters, and sisters reclaim their health and, with it, their ability to participate fully in their communities. Join us in this crucial mission to empower women through healthcare. Your support can change lives and help build a future where every woman has the opportunity to live healthily and with dignity.

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