Terms of Use

Terms & Conditions

  • The contributor has the right to select any campaign from the website before contributing.
  • Contributor can pay the amount of its choice only through the designated bank account of Transparent Hands (Barclay Account Title: Transparent Hand Limited, Account No: 03530868 Sort Code: 20-51-08) and the contributor can also pay through Cash/Bank Draft, Cheque, Online Banking, Paypal, Debit & Credit Card.
  • The contributor cannot retrieve any Fund amount, once the contribution is made/ deposited through the designated bank of Transparent Hands as it is an irrevocable donation.
  • The contributor will be notified through E-mail for its paid amount against the specific campaign.
  • Transparent Hands charges 15% from each campaign as administrative & web portal charges.
  • We only publish the approximate required amount for the campaign. The amount may vary according to the condition.
  • Any requests for refunds must be made within a specified timeframe and are subject to approval by Transparent Hands. Refunds may be granted under exceptional circumstances, such as technical errors in payment processing or misrepresentation of campaign details.