Eradicate Communicable Diseases in Sindh’s Low-Income Communities

Eradicate Communicable Diseases in Sindh’s Low-Income Communities

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Campaign Objective: To eliminate hepatitis C in low-income communities of Sanghar, Sindh, Pakistan, by providing treatments to 500 deserving patients.

Transparent Hands, a leading crowdfunding platform in the healthcare sector, has been taking concrete steps to end the prevalence of communicable diseases in Pakistan. With a decade-long legacy of impactful healthcare interventions, Transparent Hands is now raising funds to eradicate hepatitis C in Sanghar, Sindh, which has been identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as one of the high prevalence districts for hepatitis B and C. 

This initiative is aligned with SDG 3.3, which aims to combat hepatitis C by 2030. The World Health Organization has also set the same deadline to eliminate hepatitis C.  

You can help us combat a virus that significantly hampers quality of life and community health in large parts of Pakistan. Your support can bring a healthier future to 500 patients who cannot afford to pay for their life-saving treatment. 

Alarmingly High Prevalence of Hepatitis C in Pakistan

A large number of patients in Pakistan get infected with hepatitis C every year, particularly in underprivileged areas. 

With almost 10 million cases, Pakistan has become home to the largest number of hepatitis C patients in the world. 

What makes the situation even worse is that the high prevalence rate of hepatitis C is coupled with limited access to treatment options due to financial constraints and insufficient healthcare facilities. In Pakistan, the key reasons for the spread of hepatitis C are unscreened blood transfusions and reused razors, surgical instruments, syringes and needles. Many patients don’t get diagnosed at an early stage of the disease and are already facing serious liver damage by the time they seek treatment. 

Identifying Hepatitis C Cases 

Since it’s essential to diagnose patients with hepatitis C as early as possible, Transparent Hands holds free medical camps in high prevalence areas. Besides providing free check-ups at these camps, we also make hepatitis B and C screenings available to thousands of deserving people. After identifying patients with hepatitis C, the Transparent Hands team registers their cases for further treatment.   

Transparent Hands’ Solution

Transparent Hands has committed to providing hepatitis C treatments for 500 patients in Sanghar, Sindh. Many patients suffer due to this disease not only because they cannot afford the treatment but also because they cannot pay for hepatitis C test, which can catch the disease before it damages the liver significantly. Transparent Hands’ initiative includes comprehensive diagnostic services, followed by the administration of treatment that has been proven to be effective against hepatitis C. By partnering with leading healthcare providers in Sindh, Transparent Hands guarantees that every patient receives the best possible care and support throughout their treatment journey. Both general donations and zakat donations will be accepted, as Transparent Hands will treat both kinds of cases, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder access to essential healthcare services.

Transparent Hands requires approximately GBP 100 for the diagnostic test and treatment of one hepatitis C patient. We need a total of GBP 50,000 to help 500 hepatitis C patients.


Your contribution has the power to defeat hepatitis C in communities where the disease has taken a heavy toll. Every GBP you donate moves us closer to our goal, directly saving lives and preventing the spread of this infection. Join us in eliminating this deadly communicable disease  and bringing relief to low-income communities that are suffering due to a lack of access to life-saving healthcare. Contribute today.  

Estimated Costs:

Diagnostic testing for one patient = GBP 10

Diagnostic testing for two patients = GBP 20

Fund the complete treatment for one patient = GBP 100

Help 3 hepatitis C patients = GBP 300

Help 5 hepatitis C patients = GBP 500

Help 20 hepatitis C patients = GBP 2000 

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