Play a part in conducting 20 life-saving heart surgeries

Play a part in conducting 20 life-saving heart surgeries

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Campaign Objective: To conduct 20 life-saving heart surgeries in Punjab, Pakistan, for both adults and children.

Transparent Hands, Pakistan’s leading crowdfunding platform in the healthcare sector, is taking a significant step towards improving cardiac care in Punjab, Pakistan. Heart disease affects millions nationwide, limiting the quality of life for both adults and children and often leading to premature death. In Punjab, the challenge is exacerbated by the lack of access to affordable cardiac surgery. Our initiative aims to bridge this gap, offering a new lease on life to those suffering from heart conditions. By supporting this campaign, you’re directly contributing to life-saving procedures that can profoundly change the lives of our Muslim brothers and sisters.

Challenges Faced by Heart Patients in Punjab 

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in Pakistan. 

The Pakistan Demographic Survey 2020 revealed that heart-related conditions, such as heart attacks and heart failure, accounted for 14.74% of deaths, totaling 221,100 fatalities.

However, cardiac patients in Punjab are struggling with an acute shortage of accessible and affordable heart surgeries and procedures. Many families face the impossible choice of foregoing necessary treatment due to financial constraints, leading to tragic outcomes. A large number of children born with congenital heart diseases are also struggling to survive because their parents cannot afford to pay for their life-saving treatments. Transparent Hands is committed to address this health issue by ensuring that financial constraints do not determine one’s survival.

Transparent Hands’ Solution

To tackle this pressing health issue, Transparent Hands has launched a campaign to conduct 20 heart surgeries for children and adults, amounting to a total of 39,452 GBP. The average cost of a heart surgery is 1972 GBP. This initiative not only focuses on surgical intervention but also encompasses a broad spectrum of cardiac care, ensuring that patients receive the best possible outcome. Partnering with leading cardiac hospitals and surgeons in Punjab, we guarantee that each surgery is performed to the highest standards. The heart surgeries we provide are performed by some of the best doctors in Pakistan at renowned private hospitals, where each patient gets a private room with all the facilities, medicines, and post-operative care needed to fully recover after the procedure. The aforementioned cost includes: 

  • Admission fee
  • Nursing charges
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Anesthetist’s fee
  • Operation theater charges
  • Laboratory charges
  • Cost of medicines
  • Charges for pre and post-operative visits and care

From young children facing congenital heart defects to adults battling life-threatening cardiac conditions, our campaign aims to reach a diverse group of patients, offering them a chance at a healthier, more active life. 


We urgently call upon your generosity to make these 20 life-saving heart surgeries possible in Punjab. Every dollar you donate moves us closer to our goal, directly saving lives and supporting families in dire need of support. This is your opportunity to play a part in adding many years to the lives of these heart patients. Please consider making a donation today and help us turn the tide against heart disease in Punjab.

 Qirsa Rasheed

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