Contribute to restoring the eyesight of 800 patients

Contribute to restoring the eyesight of 800 patients

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Campaign Objective: To restore the eyesight of 800 vulnerable and needy patients in Okara and Kasur Districts, Pakistan, through cataract surgeries.

Transparent Hands, Pakistan’s leading crowdfunding platform in the healthcare sector, is dedicated to changing lives by providing surgical and medical treatments. We have identified Okara and Kasur Districts as crucial areas in need of eye care services, where thousands await the chance to see the world clearly again. Your contribution can light up the lives of many, bringing sight and hope back to those in darkness due to cataracts.

Challenges Faced by Eye Patients in Okara and Kasur Districts

Okara and Kasur Districts, while rich in culture and agriculture, are facing significant challenges in eye health care. Many residents suffer from cataracts, a leading cause of blindness that can be easily treated with surgery.

Over 9 million people aged 50 and above suffer from visual impairment in Pakistan. 

However, the lack of accessible and affordable eye surgeries leaves many without the hope of regaining their vision. The situation is dire, with surgical treatments out of reach for many due to financial constraints and other factors. They need our support to undergo successful cataract surgeries.

How Transparent Hands Aims to Make a Lasting Impact

To address this critical issue, Transparent Hands plans to conduct cataract surgeries for 800 patients in Okara and Kasur Districts. These surgeries will be performed by experienced ophthalmologists using the latest techniques and equipment to ensure the highest success rates. Our comprehensive approach also includes post-operative care and follow-up to ensure patients recover fully and regain their vision.

The total cost for these 800 eye surgeries is £53653 GBP Each eye surgery will cost approximately $67. This initiative will not only restore the eyesight of 800 individuals but also significantly improve their quality of life, enabling them to see their loved ones and continue their daily activities without dependence on others. These eye surgeries will make it possible for many people to start earning again and live independently. 


We urgently call on your support to fund cataract surgeries in Okara and Kasur Districts, regions that are in desperate need of eye care services. Every donation, no matter the size, contributes to restoring someone’s sight and independence. Join us in this noble cause to bring light back into the lives of 800 patients who have been living in the shadows of blindness. Consider donating today and be a part of this life-changing journey. Your generosity can transform lives.

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