Prices and Details of Transparent Hands’ Qurbani Shares in the UK

Prices and Details of Transparent Hands’ Qurbani Shares in the UK

Qurbani Share

As Eid-al-Adha approaches, Muslims in the United Kingdom are preparing to perform Qurbani, the act of sacrificing animals. We give Qurbani to commemorate the Prophet Ibrahim’s (AS) obedience and devotion to Allah (SWT). It is also a time of giving and sharing with the underprivileged. Transparent Hands has made it easier for you to give Qurbani online, whether you’re sacrificing a whole cow, goat/sheep, or donating a Qurbani share. 

Our Prices for Qurbani Shares

Transparent Hands allows Muslims from anywhere in the world, including the UK, to easily select and pay for their Qurbani through an online crowdfunding platform. We provide various Qurbani options at prices that are lower compared to many other online platforms. You can choose according to your preferences and budget.


Qurbani Animal/Shares Price 
Goat/Sheep (One Share) GBP 86
One Share of Cow (Out of a total of seven shares)  GBP 53 
One Whole Cow (Seven Shares) GBP 371

Everything You Need to Know About Qurbani Shares 

Each eligible Muslim needs to give Qurbani equivalent to one share. However, many Muslims choose to donate multiple Qurbani shares. 

Eligibility: Once a sane Muslim reaches puberty and possesses wealth meeting or exceeding the Nisab threshold, they are obligated to perform the sacred act of Qurbani. (Hanafi Madhab)

Minimum and Maximum Qurbani Shares: Each eligible Muslim needs to perform Qurbani equivalent to at least one Qurbani share. However, there’s no limit on the maximum number of Qurbani shares that can be donated. Many Muslims donate multiple Qurbani shares on Eid-al-Adha. 

Number of Qurbani shares per family: The number of goats/sheep or Cow shares a family donates while giving Qurbani on Eid-al-Adha depends on the total number of eligible members in the family. 

Goat/Sheep: Ideal for individuals, a single goat or sheep is equivalent to one share. 

Share in a Cow: For those looking to donate their Qurbani at a lower cost, a share in a cow is an excellent option. Each cow is divided into seven shares, and donors can purchase as many shares as they wish. 

Full Cow: Larger groups or families might opt for a full cow, which can provide a more substantial amount of Qurbani meat for distribution among the underprivileged. This Qurbani option, which is equivalent to seven Qurbani shares, is often chosen by several family members or those who want to increase their charitable impact.

Why Choose Transparent Hands for Qurbani?

From multiple Qurbani options to secure online payment methods, Transparent Hands makes it convenient for Muslims in the UK to give their Qurbani with ease. 

Ease of Access: Muslims can give their Qurbani donations online from anywhere in the world, eliminating the need for physical presence or local arrangements.

Lower Prices Compared to Other Platforms: Transparent Hands’ Qurbani share prices are lower compared to a number of online platforms, sites, and organizations. You can perform your Qurbani in Pakistan through Transparent Hands. Since Qurbani animals typically cost less in Pakistan, Muslims living in the UK can donate multiple Qurbani shares in Pakistan for the price of one in the UK.

Health and Hygiene: All animals are selected carefully to ensure they are healthy. The slaughtering process follows strict hygiene standards and fresh meat is distributed among the needy. 

Islamic rules: Besides adhering to Islamic rules while selecting and sacrificing the Qurbani animals, our experts slaughter the animals humanely. 

Greater Impact: With Transparent Hands, your Qurbani reaches families and individuals in Pakistan who rarely have access to nutritious meat. We distribute 100% (all portions) of the Qurbani meat among the needy. 


From the purchase of the Qurbani animals to the distribution of the meat among the needy, let our experts handle everything. This Eid al-Adha, make the most of your online Qurbani donation through Transparent Hands. Donate one or more Qurbani shares to feed deserving families and spread smiles. Join us in bringing joy to numerous lives this Eid-al-Adha with charity.

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