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Transparent Hands truly appreciates your interest in volunteering. Please complete all applicable information below.
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    Volunteer Terms of Agreement for Transparent Hands Impact Force:

    1. Gift Acceptance Statement:

    As a volunteer with Transparent Hands Impact Force, I acknowledge and understand that I am prohibited from accepting any gifts, including monetary contributions or tips, from the individuals we serve or their families. Our commitment is to provide unbiased support and treat all beneficiaries equally

    2. Confidentiality Statement:

    I recognize and agree to uphold the privacy and confidentiality rights of all individuals associated with Transparent Hands Impact Force. Throughout my volunteer service, I may come across confidential information concerning the beneficiaries, fellow volunteers, and the organization itself. I commit to maintaining the utmost confidentiality of this information and refrain from disclosing it to any unauthorized parties.

    3. Volunteer Authorizations:

    I grant Transparent Hands Impact Force permission to seek information from educational institutions, listed references, or other relevant individuals or institutions regarding the details provided in my volunteer application. I am aware of my obligation to report any information that may contribute to meeting the needs of the individuals and communities served by Transparent Hands. I also acknowledge that specific volunteer orientation requirements may vary depending on the assignment provided by the designated Activities and Volunteer Coordinator. I pledge to adhere to the established guidelines outlined in this agreement, as well as those presented during the volunteer orientation. Moreover, I comprehend that my role as a volunteer with Transparent Hands Impact Force is unpaid, and my services are intended to supplement and support the work of the organization without replacing the responsibilities of paid staff members. Lastly, I acknowledge that Transparent Hands reserves the right to accept or terminate volunteer services at its sole discretion, based on the needs and requirements of the organization and its beneficiaries.

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