Secure a Nation’s Future by Conducting Children’s Cochlear Implant Surgeries

Secure a Nation’s Future by Conducting Children’s Cochlear Implant Surgeries

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Campaign Objective: To provide 300 cochlear implant surgeries for children with hearing loss in Punjab, Pakistan, offering them the opportunity to hear and fully participate in the world around them.

Transparent Hands, the leading online crowdfunding platform in Pakistan’s healthcare sector, embarked on the journey to save and change lives through surgical and medical interventions a decade ago. Recognizing the profound impact of hearing loss on children’s development, Transparent Hands has committed to conducting 300 cochlear implant surgeries in Punjab, a region where countless children live in silence due to hearing loss. These surgeries not only promise the gift of hearing but also the opportunity for these children to live independently in the future and contribute to their nation’s growth. Your support can open up a universe of possibilities for these young lives.

Challenges in Punjab’s Pediatric Healthcare

Punjab, despite being one of the more developed regions in Pakistan, still harbors significant gaps in specialized pediatric healthcare, particularly for children suffering from hearing loss. 

A recent study revealed that around 3% of children in Pakistan are born with partial or complete hearing impairment. 

The lack of access to advanced medical procedures like cochlear implant surgeries puts these children at a severe disadvantage, hindering their ability to communicate, learn, and integrate into society. Cochlear implant surgery is among the most expensive procedures, and a large number of parents are unable to pave the way for their children to lead fulfilling lives. With limited facilities equipped to perform such specialized surgeries, the dream of hearing remains elusive for many, making Transparent Hands’ initiative an essential step.

Transparent Hands’ Solution

To directly address this critical need, Transparent Hands is conducting 300 cochlear implant surgeries for children with hearing loss in Punjab. This initiative, totaling 2197893 GBP, is not merely about performing surgeries; it’s about fundamentally transforming the lives of children who could not hear before. Each surgery will cost 7326 GBP. This cost includes the cochlear implant, surgeon’s fee, hospital charges, expenses for medicines, and diagnostic tests as well as the cost of speech therapy needed after the surgery. 

Our approach covers not only the surgical procedure itself but also pre-surgical assessments, post-operative care, and ongoing auditory-verbal therapy to ensure each child can achieve optimal outcomes from their implant. 

We only use high-quality cochlear implants from top brands like Med-El, Advance Bionic, and Cochlear Company Implants.  

By partnering with some of Punjab’s leading hospitals and specialists in pediatric audiology and cochlear implantation, Transparent Hands is ensuring that each child benefits from the highest standards of care. We’re committed to supporting these children and their families through the entire journey, from initial diagnosis to the moment a child hears their first sounds and beyond. 


Your contribution can literally open up a new world for a child. Every dollar you donate brings us closer to giving the gift of hearing to 300 children in Punjab, securing their future and empowering them to reach their full potential. Consider supporting this life-changing campaign. Your generosity not only changes lives but secures the future of our nation, one child at a time.

 Qirsa Rasheed

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