Let’s Protect Motherhood With 20 Life-Saving C-Sections in Pakistan

Let’s Protect Motherhood With 20 Life-Saving C-Sections in Pakistan

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In Pakistan, numerous expectant mothers face high risks during childbirth due to the lack of access to safe and necessary surgical interventions. C-section, or Cesarean section, is a critical procedure used to deliver a baby through surgery when natural birth poses risks to the mother or child. However, the availability of this life-saving surgery is limited in rural and underserved communities. Without it, both maternal and infant mortality rates remain tragically high. 

Expectant mothers in Pakistan face a high maternal mortality rate of 154 per 100,000 live births. (Source: UN Women)

Transparent Hands has been ensuring the survival of mothers and babies through C-Sections across Pakistan since 2014. We’re currently raising funds to provide 20 C-Sections to deserving women belonging to low-income communities. 

Challenges Faced by Pregnant Women in Pakistan

Many pregnant women in Pakistan, especially in remote and impoverished areas, face numerous challenges when it comes to accessing safe childbirth services. The main challenges include the lack of medical facilities equipped to perform safe C-sections, the high cost of this surgery, and limited decision-making power among women. 

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are also focused on addressing this challenge. SDG Target 3.1 aims to bring down the global Maternal Mortality Rate to less than 70 per 100,000 live births.

Transparent Hands’ Solution

Transparent Hands is overcoming these challenges by raising funds to provide C-section surgeries for women at high risk. Our approach includes partnering with Pakistan’s top private hospitals where expectant mothers can undergo safe C-sections. Every patient receives quality surgical and medical care during and after childbirth. Besides providing life-saving C-sections to deserving women, we also arrange free medical camps where pregnant women receive free ultrasound scans, consultations by expert female doctors, and supplements. At these medical camps, our team holds preventive healthcare sessions on common issues faced by women.

Each C-section costs $300, which covers the expenses of surgery, medical supplies, and post-operative care necessary to ensure safe delivery and healthy recovery. The total cost to provide 20 C-sections is $6,000. 

Join Us in Our Mission to Provide Safe C-Sections 

Every contribution makes a difference and brings us closer to our goal of giving expectant mothers the joy of a safe childbirth and a healthy start. Join us in making motherhood safer for women in Pakistan. Contribute today.

 Qirsa Rasheed

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